Corporate Social Responslbility

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Sky One Logistics believes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of its vision, mission and core values. Our sense of responsibility treats profit as only one part of our business alongside other priorities, such as

(1) treasuring our staff;

(2) having durable and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders;

(3) concerning with climate change;

(4) creating a sustainable community.


People is Our Asset

We treasure our staffs, and treat them as our primary asset and key to success. With this in mind, we strive to establish a positive workplace that allows our staff to fulfill their potential. To reward our staff’s efforts and professionalism, we provide attractive welfare packages, incentives and remunerations in various kinds. 


We offer comprehensive remuneration packages to all our employees. All staffs enjoy medical redemptions, birthday incentives, annual company trip and pro rata bonus. Other than fully equipped kitchen at head quarter, some branches also provide light cooking utensils.  We are also lactation friendly.  Ever since 2018, we have even added on more family friendly remuneration policies, for example, kids’ tutorial and school fee subsidy, staff education fund for career development. Hence, we were proud to be presented with Family Friendly Employer Award from HKSAR Family Council. 


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Staff Voluntary Service

The Sky One Volunteer Team has been involved in wide range of social services in the past two years.  Beneficiaries included, but not limited to, the elderly, underprivileged groups, kids and autistic group. Social service contributed to part our management philanophy.


Involving in Sustainable Development

Our employees play a vital role in helping us to develop and manage our properties in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. Sky One truly understand the importance of staff involvment in coping climate change and be environmental friendly