Custom Clearance

Sky One’s logistics network offers integrated logistics services via air, ocean and land freight transportation. We cooperate with a wide range of different partners in numerous countries around the world, and have specialist and professional knowledge in handling customs issues, ensuring that our clients are in full compliance with the varying import and export rules and customs of different countries.


We have more than 15 years’ of experience transporting goods across China’s borders and providing expert guidance and advice on matters relating to customs. In Guangdong province, Sky One Logistics has set up its own customs unit within one of Guangdong’s customs supervision centers to ensure the smooth inspection, custom clearance and tax arrangements of clients’ goods. This comprehensive network enhances the efficiency and reliability of our cross border and land transportation services.


Our Customs Service includes:

  • Customs inspection & clearance arrangements
  • Category consulting
  • Landed cost calculations
  • Just-in-time handling arrangements