Cross Border E-Commerce

Sky One partners with large state owned enterprises and the Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China units to provide cross border e-commerce services for foreign firms. This includes bonded warehouse service and direct import shipping, complete with arrangements for customs inspections and clearance for goods before they enter the Chinese market.


Bonded Warehouse Service

The Bonded Warehouse Service provides foreign enterprises with warehousing space in mainland China for imports without the need to immediately pay duty. Sky One has set up a network of four bonded warehouses in mainland China, located in Guangzhou (Nansha), Shanghai (Pudong), Hangzhou (Xiaoshan) and Henan (Zhengzhou). The service also includes delivery arrangements in China.


Direct Import Shipping

Direct Import Shipping provides foreign firms with a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver goods from Sky One’s warehouse outside of China to end users in the Chinese market, which includes arrangements for the customs clearance process.

Export Logistics

The Exports Logistics Service provides a one - stop collection, order tracking and foreign delivery service which dispatches goods directly to end users on behalf of Hong Kong and Chinese companies.