Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM)  system, focuses on transparency, the exchange of real time information and reliability. We understand that in a global market, sufficient inventory controls and timely deliveries are crucial for enterprises to that wish to tap market demand and seize opportunities.


With that in mind, our  SCM system offers enterprises a two-way management solution that is both transparent and precise. On One side, firms can access  inventory information seamlessly by searching for product types or codes, while on the other side, the system automatically keep track all stock levels  on the clients’ behalf, which can be used to arrange the next inventory replenishment or production plan.


Our SCM system and IT infrastructure is tailored according to clients’ needs, and once set up, clients can check and manage their inventories at any time, anywhere, allowing them to cater to market demand during different times of year with ease.


Our logistics IT infrastructure includes: 

  • An Order management system (OMS)
  • A Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • A real-time Pick & Pack Recording System
  • Internet Logistics Solutions